A Delay-Dependent Dual-Rate PID Controller Over an Ethernet Network

TitleA Delay-Dependent Dual-Rate PID Controller Over an Ethernet Network
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCuenca A, Salt J, Sala A., Piza R
JournalIndustrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions onIndustrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination18 - 29
Date Published2011///
ISBN Number1551-3203
Keywordsdelay dependent dual rate PID controller, delays, duality (mathematics), Ethernet network, event based control, gain scheduling, linear matrix inequalities, load condition, local area networks, networked control systems, probabilistic linear matrix inequality, remote controller, stability, stability analysis, synchronisation, three-term control, time varying delay, time-varying systems, TrueTime simulation

In this paper, a methodology to design controllers able to cope with different load conditions on an Ethernet network is introduced. Load conditions induce time-varying delays between measurements and control. To face these variations an interpolated, delay-dependent gain scheduling law is used. The lack of synchronization is solved by adopting an event-based control approach. The dual-rate control action computation is carried out at a remote controller, whereas control actions and measurements are taken out locally at the controlled process site. Stability is proved in terms of probabilistic linear matrix inequalities. TrueTime simulations in an Ethernet case show the benefit of the proposal, which is later validated on an experimental test-bed Ethernet environment.