We have three main application research lines:

Research Lines

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) embraces a group of metabolic diseases which main characteristic is the presence of high glucose levels in blood. It is one of the diseases with major social and health impact, both for its prevalence and also the consequences of the chronic complications that it implies.

One of the research lines of our group is to improve the quality of life of people withdiabetes from the technical point of view. It involves several lines of research, including the development and improvement of devices to estimate “online” plasma glucose the development of control algorithms, the validation of several models related to insulin and glucose transport, and the development of insulin pumps to close the control loop

Mathematical models are central in systems biology and provide new ways to understand the function of biological systems, helping in the generation of novel and testable hypotheses, and supporting a rational framework for possible ways of intervention, like in e.g. genetic engineering for improved industrial biotechnological production, drug development or treatment of diseases. Since the amount and quality of experimental omics data continue to increase rapidly, there is great need of methods for proper model building and analysis which can handle this complexity.

In this project, we will focus on multi-scale modelling of biological systems, i.e. models which include different scales, from micro (e.g. models of metabolic networks) to macro (e.g. bioprocess models used in the context of the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for screening, statistical monitoring and control). The project aims to tackle with the optimization of metabolites production by developing and applying new methods and tools for building, analyzing and applying multi-scale models under the realistic scenario of having uncertain data, typically either scarce highly informative or abundant yet low informative data

Active Projects


CLOSEDLOOP4MEAL is a research project carried out by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and Universitat de Girona (Spain) aiming at the developement of new strategies for postprandial glucose control in type 1 diabetes. Topics like modelling, intra-patient variability, continuous glucose monitoring, control algorithms design and fault-detection are addressed to advance towards a safe and efficient artificial pancreas.
MULTISCALES is a research project in collaboration with the group of Multivariate Statistics (GIEM) at the Universitat Politècnica de València, the group of Process Control at the National Research Council IIM-CSIC center, and the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. The project centres around multi-scale modelling approaches to systems biology: application to bioprocess monitoring, optimization and control.

Previous projects


MULTISYSBIO is a research project leaded by the Control of Complex Systems Group, involving people from GCSC-UPV, GIEM-UPV and IIM-CSIC, and  aiming at a multi-scale modelling approach to systems biology: application to bioprocess monitoring, optimization and control.
INSULAID2 is a research project conducted by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and Universitat de Girona (Spain) aiming at the development of Advanced Strategies for Closed-loop Glucose Control in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Critically-ill Patients.
BIOCONTROL is a research and collaboration project between the  Universidad Politécnica de València (Spain) and the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) aiming the modelling, sensorization and control of bioreactors.